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Sulaiman Al Fahim Holding has widened the spectrum of its services and products over the past years with the support of our local and global partners to better cater to the emerging needs of a growing client base in the United Arab Emirates.

As we sustain a tight link between quality and performance management across every aspect of our business, Sulaiman Al Fahim Holding employees are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and solutions. Over the years, we have successfully hired employees who share our values of integrity, innovation, quality, fairness and continuous development; and consistently carried on with the implementation of a “Emiratization Program” that enables young Emiraties to grow and develop their careers within Sulaiman Al Fahim Holdings work environment while also maintaining their work-life balance.

Sulaiman Al Fahim Holding will continue to grow and expand its core services as we work closely with our suppliers and strategic business partners to embrace change and explore new opportunities. Internally, the institutionalization of the business system coupled with our employees’ competency and constant quality improvement concept has enabled us to optimize our performance and meet or exceed the objectives we set for ourselves.

We are grateful for your interest in Sulaiman Al Fahim Holding, and we encourage you to explore our website and read more about our diversified portfolio and services. We remain as “your service partner” committed to creating value.

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